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Small Growing Businesses

Oaktree provides cost-effective and efficient solutions to the finance and tax needs of small businesses. In the early stages we help the business owner choose the right structure for his or her needs, and put systems in place to control their finances properly. Where a client wants to do more of the accounting and payroll in house, he or she gets support to set this up correctly and reduce accounting fees.

As the business grows, Oaktree communicates regularly with clients so that if tweaks – or even major changes – are needed to the setup to minimise tax or VAT payments, these changes are put in place in good time.

For loan applications, Oaktree works closely with the potential lenders to provide information and answer questions quickly. It’s not just number crunching, it’s also about building strong relationships with the lenders so they gain confidence in the lending proposal. Many clients have either saved money on loan deals, or obtained finance where their own bank had turned them down, through lenders recommended by us.

The overall aim is to provide the small business with every opportunity to grow into a big one. Mighty oak trees from little acorns grow!